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Accountability: Two Week Check-In



Hello all,  I know I said I would be checking in weekly but as of right now all I can share is what I have lost or gained. With that, here is how the last two weeks have gone.

My first week on Weight Watchers I did super good with what I ate through the week, but when the weekend hit and we were traveling…well…I was not so good.   Did you know one meal at a fast food restaurant can be up to 46 points.  For me that is two days worth of points.  Yikes…but I was starving and that is where Greg and Roger (Business Partners)  wanted to eat. When pulling a 25 foot cattle trailer you have to have convenience to stop otherwise you can’t get in or out of the location. Which makes for a grumpy driver.On weigh in day (Sunday, April 1) I lost 3.8 pounds. I was super proud after my 46 point lunch on Saturday.

This last week has not been so good.  I gained two tenths of a pound, which I would not call horrible, seeing that  I did not keep track of points and did not workout at all the past week.  The weather here was just so cold and rainy/snowy there was no motivation.  Which is something I really need to work on.

It’s a new week and time to start fresh!!!

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