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Dip Nail Manicure

Who loves to go get a manicure and pedicure?  I do!  I go at least every three weeks if not sooner.  This is my way of relaxation!  Normally I get the regular pedicure and manicure with gel nails.  This time I decided to try something new, at least new to me.  I had my nails dipped.  I am in love with this process and my nail technician said it is much better for my nails then gel polish.

They start the process by applying a clear coat then dip your fingers in white powder that I would say, is like a primer.

Dipping all fingers then brushing off the excesses around your nail bed.

Then they begin by applying another clear coat of polish then dip in the color of your choice.  Completing this process two more times, again brushing off the excess powder around your finger beds. Then they begin to file your nail tops just a bit.

Once all this is done… they apply a shiny clear coat on each nail and put under UV light for just a brief time.  Then it’s Done!!

I love my nails!

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  1. Polish Perfect

    Hi. I like nail dipping because it’s less aggressive than gels and acrylics. However, some aspects are better with acrylics and gels so I didn’t give up from them (yet)

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