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Gift of Imperfection! Don’t Delay…Get Started!

Are you one of those people who always starts something and never finishes it, because no matter what, it will never be perfect?  This would be me!  I have been working on my  blog  for months, everytime I go to blog…the pictures are not right, the story is not right or the overall design is not right.  Just one procrastinaton after another.  

I was at a business retreat a couple of  weekends ago with a bunch of fabulous ladies.  I met a gal from Virginia,  Ms. Daniella. She could be my twin, my Gypsy Soul Sister!  She was just someone that I really connected with.  We were talking about our homes and how everything has a place and must be in its place.  You know when you can tell something has been moved even if it was just a millimeter, or how some things do not get done because your always trying to find the perfect way to do them.  

 I change out my living room furniture on a regular basis because it never looks right.  I have leather furniture, but then I decide it’s too dark, so I get white furniture and its too light, so I go back to leather furniture.  Then the decor is off.  Then, there’s putting off  projects like painting your office, because what if the color is not right or you hate it once you have finished it. I always end up delaying and not getting started, because it will never be perfect.  

Never put off doing anything you want to do because it may not be perfect!!! Perfection is just a perception.  Now on to practice what I say…





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  1. CoRene

    Hey Tammy, great to have come upon this and see “what’s up” with you. I’m anxious to explore your blog and retailing site. Congratulations.

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