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It’s Finally Friday…

  I could not be more ready for this three day weekend!  The only thing planned is my grandson’s 6th Birthday Party on Sunday.  Anyone have fun plans for this Labor Day Weekend?

After work today I had to mow the yard.  I love to mow it’s a great time to just think with no interuptions.  How many of you like to mow?

Now it’s time to sit down with a glass of wine and set my September goals and put together my monthly budget. I am really wanting to commit to a budget.   I put together a budget all the time and then that is as far as it goes.  I have also gone back to using the checkbook to stop swiping my bank card so much. It’s just so easy for me to take that card out and swipe and then there is the cash system will let’s just say the money burns a hole in my pocket and leave it at that.   I watch a lot of youtubers regarding budgeting and they make it look so easy.  I am really going to try hard to stay on task and accomplish all goals and my budget for the month.

Check back tomorrow, as I will be sharing my goals for the month.

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