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Weather on the Ranch

Well one thing about Kansas…if you don’t like the weather we are having, no worries it will drastically change within any given minute.

This year we had no Spring, went start into the HOT summer with absolutely NO rain. Greg was able to get the corn and beans in quickly due to no rain. Now Fall has arrived and it’s time for Harvest.  With the extreme drought and hot weather the corn did not do well this year and with the 12 inches of rain we received since Friday the beans might not be to good either.  There might be snow on the ground before the beans can be harvested.  Northwestern Kansas received some snow yesterday…So glad we are Northeastern Kansas!

Fall is also calving season, and one thing to be thankful for is we had no babies born in the rain.  We still have a few more coming in late October and mid November.

 EXAR (Pathfinder) Primrose cow with her new bull calf.


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